Edible Body Paint

Worship the body of your Goddess by Mistress Sarah

I am your Goddess.
I lay here licking my lips knowing how much you desire me.
You are unworthy of me yet you still adore me.

On your knees before me unworthy slave.
My body is the temple you are to worship.

I have beautiful art painted all over my body.
Your job is to lick off every bit of it.

You will kiss my body starting at the feet.
Massage and caress my feet.
You will suck on each of my perfect toes.

I lay back to enjoy the affection you give me.
Our bodies and minds are as one.
You listen to me with every breath you take in order to please me more.

I am the core of your obsession and thoughts.
You have become my favorite slave for a reason.
I do not even need to tell you my desire my love.
You can sense what I need.

One look into my eyes and you know what I am thinking and feeling.
In your mind I am your Goddess.
You were created just to serve me.

My fingers run through your hair as your mouth gently works up my inner thighs.
My legs spread in wanton lust letting you know I want you to taste me.
Quench your thirst for my nectar I say to you my slave, my love.

As your face is pulled in between my thighs the smell of my pussy consumes your senses.
Your body belongs to me.
It is in constant arousal in my presence and absence.
Even in your Goddesses absence thoughts of me fill your mind.

For you have found your purpose at my feet.
There is true bliss in serving your Goddess.

I am a very passionate woman. I am a poet and love to express all of that through art. This is the fulfillment I feel when my loving slave serves me. We are as one.

You could only dream to serve a woman such as myself. Doing so is a privilege.

If you wish to worship this Goddess. Then call Phone Sex Mistress Sarah 1-800-356-6169

Training men to become dedicated slaves is what I was meant to do.