This is going to be a quite refreshing and new subject for you submissive men out there. What makes a true Mistress?

Truthfully sometimes I would like to know that answer myself. It seems the longer I do Domination I learn how much there is still to learn out there in this world.

In all honesty I do not think a Mistress has to be trained by another Mistress or Dom to become so. It is attitude and a willingness to learn. It is as natural as the air we breath. It is a charisma that oozes out of our very superior feminine pours that can not be duplicated or fabricated.

One can have control, be a leader, and be aggressive and not be a Mistress or a Dom. I enforce methods of BDSM into my interaction with others.

What does BDSM stand for? Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism

Using my sexual power does not make me a Mistress. Messing up a man’s head and breaking him does not make me a Mistress.

It is how I go about doing those things. It is what I do with it once I do break you. It is knowing and understanding my true power. It is most importantly respecting that power I have over you and use it as far as I want to take it.

A lot of Mistresses out there like to call a Phone Mistress a fake or a phony. A lot of men who talk to us or about us say the same thing. Domination is not that rare in this world. Many of us are into it. In order to even get into this line of work we have to have a very kinky, wild, and imaginative life style in order to make it.

In all honesty there are many Mistresses and Masters out there that I would love to just bend over and spank till dawn to knock some common sense into them.

The most important rule as a Mistress that is above and beyond anything else and that is to care for and protect our slaves. You are handing your trust over to us. That is a great responsibility.

Sometimes people are just idiots. It is dangerous if both do not know what they are doing. The most important thing in each new Mistress and Slave relationship is to take things a little slow to get to know each other.

Domination is like a dance. Each of us have our rhythms. Not everyone makes a good dancing partner. Some are exquisite together. Everyone has their own beat. Sometimes there is chemistry and there is not.

I want to put this to you up front instead of just beating around the bush. I have had a few guys message me asking if it is healthy that their cocks are bleeding. I had one literally call me up and cry on the phone because it hurt when he went piss. His Phone Mistress had him beat his own dick so bad that it caused damage. I immediately told him to go to the emergency room. Men, if your stuff is bleeding please take care of it. If your Mistress tells you to not take care of yourself or refuses that you go to the hospital then that is not a true Mistress. A true Mistress may be cruel but has compassion for her slave’s well being.

I am a Bitch and I know it. If I had hurt someone that bad I would probably cry. I was worried to death about this caller until he let me know he was alright.

This type of stupidity happens in the Real world of Domination and the Phone Domination world. So take your pick, choose wisely, and take it slow at first. That is my advise to both the Mistress and the Slaves.