I know that men and women have many differences of what we enjoy during masturbation. How ever this is geared towards what we do have in common.

I do wake up horny just like any man will. I do masturbate before I go to sleep sometimes. I know that many of you men feel alone in this venture that us women do not understand what it means to be horny so often during the day. We do get horny and quite often at that.

I know for a fact that us women are noticing how large a man’s package must be by staring at his crotch. Did you ever feel like a piece of meat to us women? Well, get used to it men. We’ve been doing it for years. Women hide it a lot better than men do.

In all honesty women are very visual when we masturbate. It is not so much geared towards watching a porno or looking at a dirty magazine as it is for a man. It is just something we do. I visualize a memory or a fantasy when I masturbate.

Here is a little advise to men. Before you work on getting hard core abs, worry about having a great ass. Most of my female friends and I notice a great ass before we do a nice flat stomach. A little flab in the gut is not too big of a deal.

Loose jeans seem to be in style but do not be afraid to show off your assets. Just as a woman loves to show off her assets. I want you men to strut your stuff. Give me something to look at. You may just be my inspiration that turns me on to masturbate.

Yes, there is your answer boys. Women are very visual too.

A lot of men who call the Phone Sex Lines for some extra help for their horny needs didn’t just start calling a Phone Sex Line just because. Many of you men started it because you have had some hot steamy Phone Sex with a lover or a friend. Hell, how do you think I got so great at what I do. I’ve had lots of practice in my real life. I am sure that the same is true for many of you.