To all of my Stroker Boys, Chastity Slaves, and Sissy Sluts out there who have been wondering where I was on Saturday and Sunday Night well I was indisposed and was busy keeping a few people tied up. For many of you out there that did not know this I just got a new computer. It has been impossible for me to do even as much as record an audio. Which I finally fixed. I plan on doing a few more May I Cum assignments and some recordings for our Membership site of Mistress Always Wins.

A preview to the audio I am working on for the membership audio site is a Forced Feminization Series of stories where I kidnap sissies and force them into becoming house wives for lonely Alaskan Men. There is a shortage of women up there. So, I will get you prissied up and shipped off to serve them. I am sick and tired of you calling me up every week whining about how much you want to become a woman. I am taking matters into my own hands and will make some money off of you while I am at it.

Chastity Chat

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You boys abuse your cocks by over use and overly masturbating and need some major cock control by lock up. If that fits you to a tee and want to have a Mistress dangle the key to your Locked Up Cock then come into chat. No Private Messages during chat. The Chat Event ends at 11pm. You can do a 2 Mistress Call with Mistress Cassandra and I starting at 11:00pm for $3 a minute. If it’s that important where you want to talk privately then you sure as hell can afford to call.