When my slave calls me up telling me that he missed me. Thoughts of me are filling up his mind. I sigh a bit and let out a small bit of laughter because I already know. I tell you not to touch until I say so like a good boy. Of course you comply with the utmost willing to obey your Mistress.

I guide you through a slow and teasing session filled with moans and groans. You can even hear a little pleasure from me as I control your cock more and more. I will mind fuck you to the point of no return. I shatter your will. You are not allowed to think. You are only to obey.

Will you cum? Will I allow you to cum?

As I guide your masturbation through different strokes and bring you closer to edge. I get you so close to edge that by merely touching your cock with one penis the precum starts to ooze out.

I tell you that I am done teasing you my slut. You will not have an orgasm today. I purposefully leave you horny.

My superior mind fucking of you has just begun. It is amazing how the power to control a man’s will and fuck up his mind is merely through his cock.