Everyone once and awhile I share some interesting information with you all. I like to keep my blog erotic and educational. Many of you are knowledge seekers or are truly on an endeavor to understand how to please a woman.

Remember what I find erotic and arousing is not true for all women. A lot of Sex Toy Sites are very main stream and up to speed with keeping up with the times. Well, I have quite a treat for all of you today.

There is a very interesting and amazing Sexy Guide Blog. The writing is very down to Earth and speaks from the heart. I noticed the author of this blog comes through clear, precise, and very professional with the cutest twist of Feisty. You hear me, the author is very feisty. So, check out sextoysguide.info

If you read the site you will find that I got a very nice review on it. The author Ashley is not only innovative in her ideas but introduces you to the world of Sex Toy Shopping in an amazing light. She is here to learn just as much as we are. I thank you and am very privileged to be featured in her blog.

Also, check out Ashley’s Online Sexy Toy Shop. This is about as close to a personal touch of a small town store as you will ever get online. There are education guides and product reviews.

Remember, these are real people that they hire to do this. I too am an Adult Sex Toy product tester and reviewer on another site.

Please also note that this site has a very Classy BDSM Sex Toy section.

The main thing I look for in a site when I agree to exchange links is the communication from the author, how clean and attractive the site looks, and the material included. Sites with tons of graphics and unnecessary clutter do not amuse me or impress me. The longer I looked at her site I kept feeling like I was in a small home town store getting a personal touch. Ashley and I have made several correspondences in the past week on her interest in my blog and vice versa. Her responses are always very sweet and prompt.

Again thank you Ashley for writing about me in your Sex Toy Guide.

I showed them what a true Phone Sex Dominatrix is. Remember, I specialize in Guided Masturbation. Do not tell me that it is up to me if you will cum or not unless you mean it. I can guarantee you that I will probably deny you to my heart’s content. I take such pleasure in making a man stroke for me and not let him orgasm.

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