I am thankful for askhimet plug in for my WordPress Blog.  If not for that plug in to catch all of the spammer’s comments on my blog I would have hundreds a day.  I complained about it once to my boss Ms Ally and she said that it is a sign that your blog is very popular.  She had a good point.

The wasted time that they spend with their script kitty programs to spam people’s blogs and email boxes is tremendous.  I wonder if they spent that money on something more lucritive they might actually make some decent money.

According to Internet Marketing Experts that Email Marketing through spam has not only been non cost effective but more money is spent now by doing it than that is made off of it.  Meaning that spammers are losing money by doing it.  So, why keep doing it?

Ingenius adult websites like Playboy has moved and improved with the times.  They closed down their clubs have turned the internet into a multi million dollar industry.

A lot of these dating sites are a part of these mass marketing email programs.  The ones who do not participate in it seem to be classier and a lot more popular.

Do not support the spammers.  Do not buy anything that is sent to you in an email.  Do not fall for the bull shit handed out to you.

I have thousands of readers of my blog.  My blog is caterorized as an adult type site.  I do not spam other blogs or mass email marketing.  I would literally get out of the business if I was such an annoying idiot.

I have literally seen Phone Sex Companies started by men who used to be regular callers of Phone Sex Operators.  Then they run a shitty company, pay the girls shit, and do smear campaigns to other lucritive companies.  There are only a few well ran Phone Sex Companies out there that are owned by men.   Shows you how intelligent men are.  I have literally seen webcam companies ran by men spamming my blog with comments with links in them.  I have seen some Male ran Phone Sex Companies create blogs smearing the very girls who work for them.

I see a lot of badgering of ladies who do my line of work.  An owner of a Phone Sex Company set up a blog where he is literally bad mouthing his employees.   Accusations that all Phone Sex Operators are old, fat, stupid, and lazy bitches sitting around eating bon bons all day lying about our looks and who we are.

So, callers think that by paying around $2 a minute they have the right to treat a lady like a piece of shit.  Guys who think they have half a brain to run their own Phone Sex Company take their workers for all they are worth.

Get off your fucking brain you are sitting on and use it for a change.

My blog is for entertainment and is not meant to be taken as fact.  The post about the Phone Sex Company who does smear campaigns against his own girls is an actual fact.  I used no names nor need to prove it to you or anyone else.  Quite frankly I will not give the ass the privelage of being linked from my blog to check his out.

This is a venting blog post.  I had absolutely no point to my story.  I just wanted to bitch.

Get down on bended knee and kiss my ass.  🙂  Good, Now I am Happy!