I have had my share of dumb asses in the line of work. The dumb asses seem to be in abundance these last few weeks. I have never had so many callers I have hung up until now.

Role Play where the guys keep interupting me. Trying to tell me what to say word for word how ever like pretending to be submissive. Fine, let’s do this wanker boy. How ever, I will never FUCK a sorry ass like you.

Let’s keep interupting the Mistress who I am talking to on the phone. Then complain that this is not a realistic role play. What is realistic role play? Do we have virtual reality that can be tapped in on the phone call and our minds our interfaced into the digital world. Then we can make it all real baby. Please spare me the semantics of your delusional state. The reason why people do not get you is because there is nothing worth having. Period!

I encounter some guys with the freakiest of fantasies. Those fantisies wound up kicking ass and we both had lots of fun.

The twits are the ones who are so stupid they do not know the difference from an ass hole to a hole in the ground. They play pretend by saying that they are submissive. If you really fantasize about being submissive then their is a shred of it that comes into your conscious mind and desires. It will show up in the way you present yourself to me

When you wanker boys come into chat I tell you to be on your best behaviour.

Ms Cassandra and I are not putting up with anyone’s shit tonight.

Your purpose in life is to serve me.

Now, remember Tonight is Blue Balls Monday! Chastity Chat at 10pm in our Cumminity Kink Chat room.

Save the Penises by locking yours up and giving me the key!