“The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, but through his cock.  Cock control is an easy to way to manipulate a man to do just about anything I want.  I will get under your skin.”

For many of you who do not know this, but I have been married.  I have been divorced for almost 4 years now.  I still see him around from time to time.  I used to torture that man beyond belief to quench my darker nature.

For those that get to know me say that I am one of the sweetest, kindest, and most gentle woman that my friends and family know.  I love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures.  I am a constant explorer.

I have always known I have a darker nature.  I denied it for a very long time.  I know now that if I vent back these feelings it will implode inside of me like a fire that will never go out.

Do I have the capability to stay loyal to one man?  Loyalty means to stay true to.  I will how ever never stop being a sexual creature.  I do not think I can stand to have sex with only person for the rest of my life.  If I do find that person and thought I once did.  It was fine, but he cracked under the pressure and could not take my wild ways.

The first time I ever had sex with him was new and exciting.  The first night we stayed together was magical to say the least.  He was only 3 years younger than I.  I thought his child like way was attractive and a breath of fresh air.  Later I would find out how immature he truly was.

I got a motel room for us with a jacuzzi in it.  I did not have sex with him right away.  I made him wait.  I like to take my time.  We laid next to each other all night.  We stayed up all night talking but were completely nude.  He was astounded at how I could keep him around me completely nude but not have sex.

Always the impatient one that he proved to be from that moment on.  There was lots of foreplay and oral.  I would take him to the limit to see where he could go.  I took him to the movies and played with him, but did not let him cum.

After several days of teasing I finally made promises to him with constant teasing.  I love to tease a man with my body.  Just the mere thought of what will happen.  A touch, taste, and a little bit of a scent is all it takes to drive a man over the edge of never ending lust.

I took him to the store with me to buy some odds and ends for his special treat.  He was walking around with blue balls.  I know they hurt.  I could tell by the way he was walking added by his constant moans of discomfort.

I was away from home to visit him so I needed some supplies.  I bought some rope, knife, wine, lubricant, massage oil, and a nice piece of lingerie to wear later.  I made him wait while I tried on a lot of things.

I used the knife to cut the rope to tie him up.  I tied him to a chair.  He had taken off all of his clothes except his boxer shorts.  I tied his ankles to the chair as well.  I know he tried to get out.  He wriggled and squirmed but could not get free.

I cut his boxer shorts off with the knife.  He was scared for awhile.  I kept glaring at him with an evil grin of delight.  When he tried to get bitchy with me I threatened to stick him outside naked while tied to the chair.  The motel was on a very busy highway in town.  He changed his tune.

While he was tied to the chair I did all sorts of naughty things with him and to him.  I poured us both a glass of wine into those cheesy plastic cups that they have in the motel rooms.  Wine never tasted so good.  I held the glass to his lips and he drank.  I was teaching him trust.

Boys and girls are brought up very differently.  Our society instills the Cinderella complex onto the ladies.  The boys believe they have to hide and control their emotions in order to be strong.  We all need balance in our lives to truly understand fulfillment.  Too many of us are in a hurry to get to where we are going.  What if you miss the scenery or something amazing on the way.  You didn’t take the time to look around you.

My ex was hooked on my teasing ways and it got more and more exciting for him.  I was new to him.  I introduced to the meaning of tease and denial.  This was all the same to me.  I had done nothing new with him that I had not done before.  I do not get bored easily especially when teasing a man.

I just get sheer pleasure in keeping a man horny.  I have gotten more extreme over the years.  I will make a man wait forever.  I will tease you saying that I know you want me.  I will never let you have me.

Do you wish to confess to me your naughty tales of desire?

Do you want me?

You need me like the air we all breath.  You can not live without me.

When I am asked why do I do the things I do?  I simply reply, “Didn’t you know that the devil was a woman?”

Anyhow, that is how I got my ex husband mixed up into a whole new world of BDSM.  It got more intense for him from there.