I have been getting a lot of emails lately with pictures in them. I do not mind pictures being sent to me. A picture makes everything less formal. You get to see what I look like. So, why shouldn’t I? Right?

The photo makes it more personable between us. I have been getting a lot of emails with photos of guys asking me to meet them and what not. I simply reply that I will not meet you, ever!

I want to state my rules about the emails you send me.

  1. Do not write me a book. This is a waste of time.
  2. Do not write a script for me to read out loud while on the phone.
  3. Do not send me pictures of nudity unless I give you expressed permission.
  4. You can write me about the type of humiliation you are into, but do not keep going on and on about your little 4″ pecker. I am a sadist, I will not give you the satisfaction of telling me. You will not tell me the size of your pecker until I ask.
  5. Pictures are always welcome, but remember no nudity unless you have my expressed permission.
  6. Do not ask me to send you pictures. I do not do it. There are women out there who will do so. I am not one of them. What pictures I want you to see are on the sites and in my blog.
  7. One of my biggest rules is that if you are a sissy or a cross dresser, then pictures are not only welcome but a requirement for my fetish. I love to see you all dressed up for me.
  8. Please respect us ladies at all times.

There are a lot of minors out there surfing the internet. They ignore the warning pages. Just as you found me then so can minors. Until you do a call with me then all of your emails and private messages will be squeaky clean. Doing a call is the only way I can really verify your of legal age to talk to in such a manner. I do not make exceptions. Exceptions gets people in trouble.

The FBI is really cracking down on this type of infractions. Even if they were not I would still stick to my rules. One of the major things I love about the company I work for is that my boss Madam Ally keeps things very classy. Less is more.

Scenarios are fine. If you want to talk about the fantasy before hand, then that is great. I will take this script as a reference then reflect on it to play out the fantasy.

You contact me because I am a free thinker, independent, and superior. Read my blog a bit or get to know a bit perhaps. I can play a lot of different roles. Some roles I can not play worth a crap. I would laugh too much trying to. I can not play a bubbly cheer leader type who is going to take advantage of you the way you wish. I can play a boss, teacher, or anything else along those lines.

There are some Phone Actresses who can play thousands of different scenarios. I am glad I had such an interest in drama. Who knew that Phone Domination can be such a creative art. Give us some credit, where credit is due gentlemen.

If you have a fetish you want to act out on the phone. I want to not only read about it a bit if you wish. The most important thing is to hear you talk about it. This is the biggest mistake a few men have gotten very impatient with me about. It is proof that they are not truly submissive. Just as some of you can figure out the fake Phone Dommes. I can figure out the fake submissive callers.

I know that it is important to hear you talk about it on the phone. I have to read your reactions. I listen to the sound of your voice, the tone of it, the breathing, and moans. I will comment on things. I may have questions.

I am very well known for not being afraid to ask if I am doing well. Does this pet name do it for you? Is the fantasy more subtle or bitchy? What’s next? I want details. I put the role play back and forth between us to bring it to perfection for you. I truly get pleasure out of giving pleasure.

I guess I am way too down to earth and logical sometimes. I am so very visual. I have to see your role play fantasy in my mind.

I always ask your cock size while on a call. If you are doing guided masturbation especially. I am thinking about the size of it and everything.

If you are into cock and ball torture, I am thinking of every naughty thing you are doing to yourself for me.