I sit here fully clothed while many of you men are completely nude for me with rock hard cocks. You stroll through your little horny masturbation material to to get all worked up for me. Perhaps you just read some of my blog while you think dirty thoughts.

Maybe you listened to one of my audios and can not get my voice out of your head.

Either way, I can guarantee that the horniness will not go away even after the allowed release. No matter what, you will beg.

I am an expert in the art of controlling the cock. I will tease and deny to my hearts desire. Right when you think you can not take anymore teasing I will drive you very sensually to push for more. I will make you wait a bit longer.

I may eventually say those magic words, or maybe not.

Do not be a pathetic wimp and cum without my permission. Don’t you dare.

I own you. You belong to me.

Got it? Get it! Good!

What are you waiting for? I am taking calls till 4am EST. If you dare stroker boy.

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