I wanted to continue my discussion with you about masturbation.  This is a very controversial subject for most people to discuss.

Masturbation can be considered imoral for religious reasons.   What is moral or imoral?  I am not a Christian therefor could care a less about morality.  I do how ever care about humanity.  I do not think that a man who masturbates is not being a bad Christian.  We as a society can not live by laws that were made thousands of years ago.  It was against “God’s” Law to spill your seed.  Reproduce and be fruitful.

What does any of this have to do with Masturbation?  Maybe I am just rambling, maybe not.  Read on you horny slut and learn something.  This has everything to do with masturbation.

I am an anarchist when it comes to chains being put on my sexuality.  People should not be ashamed of their bodies.  You should not be ashamed of masturbation.

Masturbation is wrong if you are neglecting your family to masturbate  6 times a day.  Do you call in sick from work because you are masturbating?  When masturbation is all you can think about and do nothing else then yes, it is not right.  You definately need control.

Chastity training and tease and denial I do think is necessary for men to learn how to please a woman.  Most men do not get us.  Men are led around by their cocks.  You live your life by your ego driven by a lot of testerone.

Enough about that back to masturbation.  Masturbation is a wonderful thing to do by yourself as well as with your lover.  Many straight men enjoy circle jerks (masturbating around other men) even though they are straight.

Masturbation helps releave stress.  Our sexual energy can help cure depression.

Now, let us talk about my obsession with controlling cocks.  My control of your orgasm gives me great power over you.  While I slowly turn you into a spineless, horny, and obsessed toy for me to play with.

Is it wrong for me to want these things?  I can care a less about morality or chains.  By tying you up I actually set you free.  While you are trapped by me you will discover things you never dreamed of.  I take men for an incredible wild ride through exploration and manipulation.  I fuck with your mind.

I do not deny my desires or talents.  I am destined to control you.  Get used to it.