A lot of men may not know this but it is unwise to hump your pillow or other objects that are not intended for masturbation. Men who do so excessively tend to have sexual repurcussions.

  • Such as not being able to cum during intercourse.
  • Only being able to reach climax during masturbation.
  • Can cause tissue damage which interferes with the sensitivity of the head.

There has been several medical studies on this matter of inproper masturbation. It is noted that this has been a result of doing this over long extended periods of time. This is from puberty on. So, once or twice is not going to do something. Hell, once and awhile will not.

My personal advise to you coming from a woman who says, “Save the Penises! Save the Penises!”

Take care of yourself including your penis. If you crave humping pillows everyday as a part of your masturbation routine. For goodness sake, don’t be a cheap skate and buy a penis pump or a flesh light. It is a nice little pussy like device without the nagging. Lube it up and fuck and pump away.

Please note: I am not a professional or a doctor. The information that I posted is purely personal and opinionated from material I have read in books, magazines, and on the internet. For more professional advise on this matter if it is a part of your masturbation routine please ask your doctor who will be able to give you a much better medical opinion.

My blog is for entertainment. I am not a fucking doctor.

I am Your Fucking Mistress! So Kiss my Ass! (With Tongue!)