Join Mistress Cassandra and I Every Monday Night at 10:00pm est. in the cock control chat room:

We will have a chat on the topics of chastity, tease and denial, keyholding, prostate milking, etc.

Starting at 11pm est. we will start taking calls after chat.

Monday Night Blue Balls Hell 2 Mistress special: $3.00 per min ( 10 minute minimum) 1-800-730-7164

Rules for Chat during our Blue Balls Monday:

Read them or else! We do not have time to play your little loser games. Women are on top always!

Keep the chat respectful and fun.

Stay on topics related to chastity. That means anything related as well such as tease and denial, milking, chastity devices, etc….

No private messages during the chat event to Mistress Cassandra and Mistress Sarah. Respect our time and we will address you if you act properly in the chat room.

Off limits discussions during our chat: Cyber, cock sucking, sports, how girlie you want to feel, how awesome you feel in your new panties, how horny you are, etc…

For example: If you state that you have a 2 inch penis just to get a thrill. You are in violation. If you state it to discuss possiblitlies of chastity devices or related then it is fine.

For another example: If you come in being a sissy attention whore screaming out about how girlie you feel in your new panties. Then bitch about how you don’t want to talk about Chastity then you are in violation. We will deal with your sorry attention whore ass. How ever, if you talk about how girlie you want to feel and how chastity training can help you with your training then you are just fine. Chastity Training for sissies is always lots of fun.

This is common sense people. There will be no more freebies as far as goals are concerned. If you want training then you can call us or one of the other Mistresses. None of you are allowed to take any previous goals we threw out there so that you have an excuse not to call your regular Mistress. Ask your Mistress for training on this if we got you interested in something new. By all means, you are welcome to call us if you wish after the chat event as well.

If you do not like the subject during that hour then either you can stay quiet and respect others, most importantly us Mistresses. You can go to another chat room or leave.

Anyone who violates any of our rules will be dealt with immediately.

By all means I invite all who want to be teased to the point of Blue Balls Hell to come on by. We have lots of fun doing this. We can change the rules anytime we see fit.

Ever changing and rearranging.

Teasing you always!