I want you waiting for me when I come home.  You will follow my instructions to a tee if you wish to please me.  Be a good boy and be kneeling in the middle of the living room.  I want you to be completely naked for me.

While I am away at work you will get the house nice and cleaned up for me.  I have a great big list of things for you to do sweet heart.  Also, be a good boy and remember that you are not allowed to cum.

I will make sure that you are not touching yourself while I am away.  Aren’t you glad I started having you wear this cock cage for me?  You used to spend all day at home when I am away watching those porn films and playing with yourself.  That is no way to be when I work hard to take care of you my pet.  I am working hard all day and your days were filled with multiple orgasms.  You didn’t even know how to pleasure me very well.

I want to direct your attention to my desires and needs.  It is that time of the week though for my pedicure.   Now, take this pretty pink nail polish and paint my toe nails for me.  Get down on your knees before me.

You really need to stop crying.  I may let your cock out the chastity belt eventually.

Oh, look how pretty my toe nails look.  Now, be a good boy and blow them dry with your mouth.  When you are done with that you will give all of my shoes a good licking with you tongue.  I want them cleaned up.  That’s a good boy.

What will I have you do for me next?