There are many reasons for being fascinated with male masturbation.  I think the number one reason being how much I adore men.  My obsessive behavior to control all of you takes me over.

I remember the first time I ever watched a man masturbate.  I was still a teenager.  I have always been wild but very wise even in my youth.  I do how ever become obsessed with the things I enjoy.  Don’t you do that sometimes?

I look at a world dominated by men but they do not show good judgment or strength with these privileges.

I have fallen in love with looking at, watching, and even playing with large erect cocks.  I still do not get over the fascination with how beautiful a nice, big, fat cock is.

I always knew I was a major cock tease.  How ever, I grew up watching the old movies with my grandmother.   I always wanted to model myself after the classy ladies of the classic era of movies.  Where, less is more.  If women around the world realized the power we have over men then you would all have to start to worry.  For now, just keep your eyes on me boys.

My goal when I watch a man masturbate is to hear some of that sexy begging that goes along with it.

Here is a little fact, not all phone sex operators masturbate while on a call.  I can guarantee that a lot of it is fake orgasms and sound effects.  How ever the illusion turns you all on.  Remember, the correct term for our job is Phone Sex Actress.  It really suits the description much better.  We speak to thousands of men.  It is unbelievable to think that we would.

That is why I love doing Phone Domination so much.  I do not masturbate all the time while on the phone with my stroker pets.  If you hear me say that I am touching myself, then I really am honey.  If you hear an orgasm, I really am having one.  I have the control.  I only do this if I am really turned on by you and there is a bit of a connection.

Have fun with this superior female insight about male masturbation.

Teasing you always,

Mistress Sarah