Lube is optional for this assignment but is advised for extra enjoyment.  That enjoyment is for myself, I love to make my stroker sluts lube up for me.

So, I want you to play the stop and go game with me.  Now, strip down completely naked.  You better make sure you have plenty of times on your hands so to speak for this one.

i want you to stroke right up to the edge.  You will stroke until a squirt of precum comes out then stop only long enough to gain your composure.  You will then keep repeating that process.  I want you to try to keep on doing this till your horny teased and denied dick can not take anymore.  The object is to find out how many times you can do this until you feel like you can not take anymore.  Most guys can only go 5 or 6.  I have known some guys to go as many as 20 to 30.

When you can not take it anymore though.  I want you suck it up and drive on horny masturbation addict.  You are not allowed to cum.  This is what you call tortuous orgasm denial Mistress Sarah style.

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