I am re-posting this for a new slave of mine who is interested in Chastity Training.  I know I will enjoy watching him try it and anyone else who does.

First you will need a good graphic viewer. There are a few good freeware graphic viewers out there but for this tease I have found that IrfanView works the best because of its slideshow capabilities. It is able to randomize a huge slideshow of pictures and you can change the display time to anything you desire

You will open the slideshow option in IrfanView and add all of your favorite pictures that arouse you to no end. They have to be pictures that you find arrousing. You must load around 100 of them as the slideshow. I want you to pick one picture as the as the “source picture” for you. The slideshow should be set to randomize all 100 pictures and to change in 5 second intervals. You have to keep yourself aroused and very near the edge of orgasm but not allowed orgasm until the “source picture” came onscreen. When it does, you only have 5 seconds in which to begin your orgasm. If you miss it you will have to wait for it to come up again and this could sometimes take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. If it came up 3 times and you fail to orgasm within those 5 seconds, that means 3 strikes and you’re out and you will have to wait to try again the following day.

You will realize how hard it is to to cum on demand within 5 seconds even as close to the edge as you will be. I want you to find out how many days it takes you to cum. How many days will it take you?

I hope that you try it and if you do I think you’ll like it. Good luck…you’ll need it. 

Mistress Sarah