Why do most of you contact me?  It varies for each person.  Most of you have read a lot about your fetish so some knowledge is there already.  Many of you have experienced sessions with Professional Mistresses and use the Phone Sex Mistresses as another outlet for your submissive desires.

I love talking to all of you.  I do from time to time get a loafer who acts like he knows nothing.  I love the guys who pretend like they are a submissive then turns it all around with lies and excuses.

I am a very self aware woman.  I can set you free.  You will never be set free if you do not accept who and what you are.

My philosophy and personal belief is that I am a woman, a Goddess.  All men were put here to please women.  Does that discount the old belief that Adam was made first?  My logic, scientific knowledge, and what I have learned from our history pretty much discounts everything that we were taught in a land of fairy tales.  Do I believe there is something greater than us?  Yes, absolutely!  Do I believe in the dribble of garbage that was printed on paper by a world dominated by a bunch of bigoted men who feared women?  No!

He who makes the laws writes history.  Well, I am writing my own laws and history.

I absoluetely adore men.  There is nothing greater than sharing love with a man.  I love the balance between women and men.

How ever, men’s place is at my feet worshiping me.  I am a Goddess.  Throughout history, all Gods were living people like you and I.  They were merely royalty.  That was their culture to call themselves such.

It is amazing that in the beginning of man kind they worshiped women and adored us.  We have devolved as a race.

Not many men deserve the right to call themselves my equal.  There are a few of you special ones out there.  I truly admire the gentlemen out there who can appreciate how truly wonderful women are.  There is no greater gift to give your lover than yourself.

I do not ask of my pets things I have not tried myself.  I am sweet, sensitive, and very sexy.  I crave control and get off on it.  I do not forget my responsibility of having such power.  Do not forget your place on your knees begging to kiss my feet.

Have a great weekend and pay a tribute to your Goddesses that you adore with a token of love.  It may be an email saying, “I miss you.  I am thinking of you.  You are beautiful.”  I know I love compliments just as all women do.