I will be doing more audios soon so keep an eye out for them. The audios I want to do are small penis humiliation, guided masturbation, big cock ego knocked down to size, cuckolding, coerced feminization, joy of ceorced bi, little sister sissy training, be my barbie doll, obsession with male masturbation, and who knows what else. These are just some of the ideas going through my head.

For all of those who do not know me that well I am pretty good with photo shop, photo impact, and animation graphics. I will be putting some of that up on my blog and you see one up above that I just did. My main project at hand is finishing my story of “Journey to Submission.”

Cock interviews have been put on hold since my change of shift. I will be back on days next week but will still be around sometimes at night. I will definitely be available at night more often that I’ve had a taste of some of you yummy play things for my amusement. I have enjoyed meeting some new clients as well as chatters.

My main theme and obsession is the joy of male masturbation. I do love doing guided masturbation. Like I said, it is my chance to truly have a great interaction with controlling your cock as if I am really there.