It is time for another interview to be shared.  Let me introduce this polite and endearing sissy who requested to be called Michelle for the interview.  I have received permission to post this interview and the name was chosen by the interviewee.  Your identity and privacy is of the utmost importance to me.  Now, I will begin the interview. 


Sarah:   What interested you in doing this interview?
Michelle:  Several things, firstly your reputation and secondly I have a deep
interest in the topic of human sexuality.

Sarah:   Have you ever called a Phone Sex service?
Michelle:  Only a few times.

Sarah:  Which site brought you to our meeting?

Sarah:  Do you enjoy our forums?
Michelle:  Yes very much.

Sarah:  If so, which forums?
Michelle:  Sissy School.

Sarah:  If so, what do you enjoy about them?
Michelle:  I always seem to get great answers and info whenever I visit.

Sarah:  You mentioned to me that you are a sissy.  What kind of Sissy are you?
Michelle:  I have often wondered this myself. I use the term “sissy” because I
enjoy the humiliation, but my fem side is much sluttier than a
sissy maid.
I prefer vinyl and leather over satin and lace. Very high heeled
boots and heavy makeup.

Sarah:  How far do you wish to go with your femininity?
Michelle:  I am married and my wife is only into the part-time fun of it.  I
would like very much to be as feminine as possible, and still be able
to live my life as normal as possible.
Perhaps even something subtle like small implants.

Sarah:  What attracts you the mostly to strong women?
Michelle:  Wow, I’m not sure. Anytime I am around a strong woman I simply just
melt.  Sometimes they don’t even need to be acting strong.  The right
color lipstick, piece of clothing or heeled boot will make me

Sarah:  Are you secure with your masculine and feminine side?  Meaning, do
you have a good balance between both worlds?
Michelle:  Sort of. In my everyday life I need to be in control of everything,
and everything needs to be 100% organized and I Hate to be humiliated.
I think it’s this quality that makes it seem odd to me that my fem
side is such the opposite.

Sarah:  What age did you first masturbate?
Michelle:  Thirteen.  I remember it VERY well.  I had shoplifted some lipstick
and masturbated while I put it on my lips and face until it was nearly

Sarah:  How often do you masturbate?
Michelle:  3 or 4 times a week.

Sarah:  What is your favorite thing to dress up in when you put on your
feminine attire?
Michelle:  My favorite thing is a whole outfit. Panties, bra, red fish net body
stocking, vinyl dress, vinyl gloves and thigh-high boots.

Michelle wanted to share an extra bit of personal information: 

Not really sure what else to add.
Over the past few years the sub/sissy side has become much more
pronounced than before.  I met a few dominants in real life one spring
and spent some time with them exploring my submissiveness and then
my fem side. I would have spent more time with them, but I didn’t feel
the full-time sub life was for me. Now that it is somewhat out in the
open and a much larger part of me, I feel it has changed me as a
person.  Getting in touch with your deepest desires can really bring a
Zen-like feeling to your life.

As a special treat for Michelle’s time I allowed one question for doing the interview with me.  It can be anything as long as it is kept respectful.

Michelle’s question to me:  What percentage of your life is based on your dominant side? As in,
are you dominant in your real life or is your dominant side the opposite of
whom you are in everyday life?

My answer to that:  I am a lifestyle Domme as well as a Phone Domme.  How ever, my role as a Mistress in my personal life is part time.  It is few and far between.  I share a BDSM lifestyle with some close personal friends as well as my lovers.  I am a switch which means I enjoy experiencing submissive pleasures once and a great while.  It happens rarely and almost never with men.  I am always a leader, free thinker, and am very wild.  Truly, being superior to men is like a drug to me that I am addicted to.  I get such a power rush from the experience.  I did not become a full time Domme until I became a Phone Sex Mistress back in September of last year.  I am often complimented on this and consider this one of my greatest strength as a woman and a Mistress; I am very flexible and adaptive.  I can follow the wave and adapt the training I provide a submissive as I see fit.  I pay attention to my environment.   I am a natural leader.  It is a part of who and what I am.

This is the end of the interview.  Thank you very much for participating in this interview.  I enjoyed it a great deal.