Remember, starting this coming Monday, February 12th at 10:00 Ms Cassandra and myself will be hosting “Chastity Hell”  Chat in the main chat room.  Come join us if you are into Chastity Training or are just curious.  You are warned though her and I are both experts in Chastity Training and Hardcore Humiliation.  You will not be doing my guided masturbation anytime soon once you sign up with this program.  You will have orgasms far and few between if you are lucky.  We are also running a special for two Mistress call with us for $3.00 a minute.

Sissies, got off your lazy bums and get those entries in for the Sissy Dolly Contest.  I do not want to hear that you did not know about it.  There is no excuse especially if you read blogs and are a member of the Girlie Boards.  The dead line is February 16th.

I will be taking calls from 10:30pm till 5:30am EST every night of the week except for Wednesdays until I decide to change it.  I do want to go back to days but it will be a bit longer.

Mardi Gras 24 Hour Marathon on Saturday, February 17th.  If you do a 30 minute call or more you will win a chance to be flashed by a Mistress.  Ms Ally decided to do something fun this time.  Not all of the Mistresses are participating in flashing you callers.  Most of us will be though.  You boys will get flashed by us and you will give us the beads.  Get it!  Got it?  Good!

I had problems with doing recordings but now have the problem fixed.  This is a very funny story too.  I kept getting a program which is watchdog keep queuing up and barking during an audio. Then, when I would hit mute on my speakers while I am recording the smoke alarm kept going off.  Then the phone would ring.  So, I either kept getting a  phone ringing, doors slamming in the apartment next door, and then the smoke alarm.  Like hearing woof, woof, woof, woof was not bad enough.  So, next day I tried to do the audio and the music that was blasting down stairs was not just music but bad music.  They were playing Hanson for goodness sake.  So, I had 3 audios 1/2 completed with repeats of “Ooom Bop” playing softly in the back ground.  Everyday was the same thing, I could not get a thing done.  Finally on the 6th or 7th day I could not do an audio to save my life because I could not stop giggling.

Last week I did the worst possible thing I could do on a call.  I forgot a client.  He had only called once the week before.  It was a cuckold fantasy caller.  I thought I remembered him but was dead wrong.  I blurted out all the wrong things and then threw in there that he would suck my boy friend’s cock.  I thought he was wanting coerce d bi.  I could of swore that was the same guy.  He hung up after the first few minutes.  I knew he was so mad.  No matter what I did to try and cover it up he knew I messed up.  I felt sorry I did that but accidents happen.  That night my mojo was way off.  I did come back the next night kicking butt though.  See, Mistresses get air head moments too.  i hate awkward moments like that.  I usually have a great memory but that day was just bad from the start.

I will keep everyone posted on any audios I am doing.  I have started on the second chapter of “Journey to Submission.”  No, you do not get any sneak previews either.  You will just have to wait.

Oh, before I forget I have done my first post to

So, keep an eye for it.   Please check out that site because it is a great collaborating effort from all of the Mistresses.