A great site that I have been reading for over 6 months now is Peter Files. I knew that Ms Ally was mentioned on his site because I am a loyal fan. I have a personal interest and obsession with masturbation. He is focused on so many aspects of sexuality and bares his naughty soul to his readers.

I finally said what the hell and commented on one of his posts for the first time. I asked him to trade links with me and told him how much I loved his site. It took him no time at all. He is great. He even mentioned me in his blog. Yay! He seems so sweet.

It just made me feel good to get a great review and be mentioned on a site that has great traffic and high PR. I also loved the fact that he got right back to me on it.

Thank you for the great site.

Check out The Peter Files – Male Masturbation under the guidance of women.
One of the things that I have shared with you all often is the way that men treat women. Gentlemen are an endangered species. I have had great calls, private messages, and a fantastic time in our chat room all weekend.

Thank you to all of you fellas who still know how to treat a lady. Remember, I am always a woman before I am a Mistress. I am a Goddess and expect to be treated as such. I will always listen to you and respect you.  Until you give me reason not to.

I can be kind and compassionate and still be dominate.  A Mistress who is in touch with her passionate heart is very strong.  Just as a submissive can be confident.  It is how we balance everything in our lives.  There is nothing like being sweet with a twist of the sadistic.