This is a continuation of interviews with the submissive men who serve dominating women.  I like to cover a variety of subjects.  This submissive pet did not come to me but I asked him politely if he would do this interview.  He is a long term regular client of  His name will be Lockedup4Mistress.  Please understand that during this interview Lockedup4Mistress is in a CB2000 and has been for quite sometime.  He does chastity training with one of our Mistresses and has sent her the key.  I wanted to touch the subject of Chastity Training more because of the Chastity Chat events that Mistress Cassandra and I are hosting.

I will be honest and say that Chastity Training has only been a rare fetish of mine that I truly have not explored much on enforcing on men.  I am very big on orgasm denial.  I also enjoy prostate milking men to keep you under my orgasm denial training for more long term.

Through my recent experiences of getting to know Mistress Cassandra more I feel a whole new world opened up.  I will touch base on that more at another time.

This submissive pet has begged me several times to be his key holder.  He always chickens out at the last minute.  Truly, I think I come off way too strong for him and turn him on too much.  He luckily has a great Mistress who is his key holder as we speak.

Now, our interview begins:

Sarah:  Do you understand that all of the interview will be publicly displayed in my blog or any site I see fit?

Lockedup4Mistress:  yes

Sarah:  How did you find the company I work for?  What site?

Lockedup4Mistress:  I believe I found it through Phone Sex Central.

Sarah:   How long have you been into chastity training?

Lockedup4Mistress:  In fantasy, probably a couple of years. In reality, about 6 months

Sarah:   How long have you been a visitor of ?

Lockedup4Mistress:  scratches head) Must be 2-3 years

Sarah:   Why are you so attracted to strong women?

Lockedup4Mistress:  Good question. I’ve pondered this before. I think it must be something to do with lack of confidence sexually.  I’m very confident in public, not so much in private.

Sarah:   Do you feel it necessary to be under the control of strong women because your lack of self control will cause you to give in and not go through with what you truly desire?

Lockedup4Mistress:  That could be it.  For me T&D means tease and deny, not tease and delay!

On my own, it’s easy to pass the point of no return!

Sarah:   What have you gotten the most out of the Chastity Training provided by some of our cock control Mistresses?

Lockedup4Mistress:  The constant feeling of wanting. For me, the journey is more important than the arriving. Not being able to stroke or cum makes me more attentive!

Sarah:   If you could give a piece of advice to a Mistress to make it more enjoyable for you and her too what would it be?

Lockedup4Mistress:      Keep it fun. And don’t venture into it if it’s not your thing. A chastity slave can always spot an actress!

Sarah:   Now, thank you for doing the interview.  Is there anything you wish to share with me?

Lockedup4Mistress:  I think, more than any other form of sub/dom play, chastity is a 2-way street. Both parties get so much out of it!  The submissive gets the ultimate form of cock control.  The domme gets the knowledge that someone, possibly hundreds of miles away, is going ‘out-of-his-head’ horny because of her.

Sarah:   One last gift to you my pet.  You are allowed to ask me one question but keep it respectful.  You get one treat for your time and thank you.

Lockedup4Mistress:  Too kind. I guess that most c.c. guys would want to know what your ultimate cock control fantasy would be?

Sarah:  Honestly, a fantasy of mine was and still is to dominate a jerk I knew in high school.

Lockedup4Mistrss:  lol

Sarah:   He became a cop.  I always wanted to dominate him on the side of the road.  Hand cuff him to the steering wheel.  I then crave deliciously to pull down his trousers, spank his ass with his own button.

Then, shove it up his ass and make him suck on his own Mag flash light.  🙂

Lockedup4Mistress:  Miss Sarah, you truly are a dish best served cold!

Sarah:   I have a thing for dominating men in uniform.  Hmmm! Dominating…ooops I am getting excited thinking about it.

Lockedup4Mistress:  OK, given my current situation, that kind of talk isn’t helping

Sarah:  LOL

Lockedup4Mistress:  ‘current’

Sarah:   Thank you very much for your time and participation.  I enjoyed that.

I do have to go now.  You have a great day and take care.

Lockedup4Mistress:  Me too. It was ‘cock-crushingly’ fun!  Thank You!