This assignment is a bit different from my typical style that I know you will enjoy.  You will wear a pair of boxers.  This technique is called the “Boxer Rub.”

You will wear a pair of boxers or underwear for this method of cock stroking. I prefer you to use boxers.  You will notice it is much easier to grab a hold of your balls while you do this.  So, grab a hold of your balls through the outside of your boxers.   Now, start to rub your cock up and down nice and slow with your other hand.  Do not stick your hand down those shorts.  You are not allowed to.  Feel the sensation on your cock and how good it feels to rub it through the fabric.  You enjoy how great it feels to grab a hold of your balls while you do this.  The fabric makes it easier to hold them like that.  Does it not?

Take a peek here for a video of the technique.

Feel how long it takes you to build up to that orgasm.  It is taking a long time.  I want you to do this till you get close to the edge then stop.  You will edge 5 times then stop for the day or night.  Which ever time of day you are doing this masturbation method my cock stroker slut.  I want you to learn the true meaning of tease and denial.  That does not mean you will be allowed to cum everyday either.

Do you enjoy orgasm denial or will you give in and cum during this assignment.  Let me know what happens.  I am obsessed with male masturbation.  I guide you just like I am standing there over you controlling your every move.

Remember, I own your cock!

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