I want you to sit in a comfortable chair.  Drop those pants down to your ankles and underwear if you are wearing them.  Imagine me standing over you instructing you with my extraordinary guided masturbation talents.
This method is called the “Back Hand Stroke.”

I require that you use lubrication for this method.

This method will require you to position your hand backwards. At first, it feels awkward, but you can use the index finger to stimulate parts you never knew you had.

There is a video that can show you how to do it.  To view CLICK HERE

I want you to do this stroke for exactly 30 minutes.  It will be agony.  No, you are not allowed to cum yet.  You can wish though.  Today is orgasm denial.

Thank you Advanced Masturbation for providing the material for this technique.  It is a great knowledge base on male masturbation.

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