pageant-runway introduction for this Slutty
Dolly entry by the contestant:

This bodaciously busty and blonde trollop has a
reputation as the town tramp. Her name is Cherry
Honeypot. She enjoys the more sensual pleasures in
life. Cherry loves making guys’ heads turn by dressing
tarty when she goes out for a stroll. She’s always
ready for action and on the lookout for hunky
manly-men who are up to the task of satisfying her
needs. She often intentionally drops things just so
she can have an excuse for bending over in front of
handsome men, flashing them a peek of the delights
that await them under her short skirt or dress–which
on the right days, may not include panties! Cherry is
a true expert on the tricks and techniques of pleasing
men: a fact which she takes pride in, as she’s always
eager to hone her skills. Some of the town’s women say
bad things about Cherry, but the truth is they’re just
jealous of all the attention men give her, as they
don’t have the looks and the moxie to strut their
stuff like Cherry does.