A sort of twisted tale of seduction, submission to me of course, and the twists and turns I give my pet through his journey. I must say my heart does go out to this guy, but his desperation knows no bounds. He continues to test my authority over him.

I got my first email from this guy about 3 or 4 months ago about how he was a dom who tried submission for the first time recently. He expressed his desire to continue exploring this since the woman he experienced this with recently moved.

I promptly responded to him my interest in exploring this newly discovered world of his. I was honest with him and told him that I had experienced submission before I became a domme. I was a submissive for a few years till I made a personal choice and took charge of my desires. I know what it means to belong to someone so much. I was very committed to my former Mistress. I have even done orgasm denial. I went over a year without orgasms. I did not masturbate at all unless she told me to. I had desires to touch myself and did not cave in. I find men to be so pathetic and can barely go a few days yet alone that long of time. You men use the excuse that it is easier for women than it is for men. That is just a lame excuse for your weakness.

My former Mistress inspired me to really explore the art of orgasm denial and even chastity training. I even tried it myself to prove I could do anything a man can do and even better. I proved that women are the superior sex.

This pet finally called me and told me who he was. He reminded me of his email. I was glad to hear from him and we had a nice friendly chat at first. I got to know him a bit. I could read him fairly well and knew how to break him. It was just a matter of time.

He had a problem with just admitting that I own his cock. Look, you call me then I own your cock. It is plain and simple. If you do not like it then contact someone else. No matter what type of call you wish to do, I own your cock.

During our first call he went from being a smart ass and even had the nerve to call me a bitch to begging for mercy. I made him cry on our first call. I guided his masturbation and gave him heavy teasing for about 1 1/2 hours straight. I then finally let his pathetic ass cum but he had to lick it off of the floor. He was licking it off of the floor and whimpering like a little pig. He has learned how good at humiliation I am. I truly bring cock control to a new level.
So, throughout these last few months he now admits freely to my ownership of his cock. He has even bought a butt plug and has started wearing that for the last week. For the first time he used a butt plug while I guided his masturbation. He is beginning to see a new light.

He has a little problem of course. He is so hooked on me that he can not cum with any women when he has sex.

This is a guy who went from having sex slaves at his command to becoming a pathetic little beggar who whimpers for my attention. I see the problem and no matter what he does not see it.

This man misses a companion in his life who is an equal and even a superior. He has been denied truly feeling love. The void in his heart has left him vulnerable.

I can sense how much of a block he has up and made him make a choice. I usually give him denial assignments. I made a choice for him to take care of my sub. I do consider the well being of my subs always. He needs to just hang in there. Serving me is not all that bad.

I told him his assignment for the week is to not be denied orgasms. He is to try to have sex and cum as much as he wants when he is with a woman. Am I offering him candy then will take it away soon? I do not know yet.

I am testing his limits to find out what really makes him tick. He really needs some major chastity training. I think he needs to wear a chastity belt for a month then see how submissive he can be. I think he needs to be broken further and truly learn how to please a lady.

Most of you never stop to really think of what we want. I truly want to keep a man horny with next to little amounts of orgasms. Not all men are into denial. It is a case by case basis.

He is truly one of my favorite callers. I enjoy talking to him. I do not want to be responsible for making a person crack. There is a fine line between sanity and insanity.

I will make one thing clear to all of you though. It is not always best to get a well trained submissive either. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, and even years to deprogram some of the habits that have been embedded into your mind.

I will use a very good example:

  1. I hate whining but love begging. I think whiners are pathetic and annoying, do not do it. Please do lots of begging. Some Mistresses love a man who whines.
  2. I love to hear your pain if you are spanking yourself, torturing your cock, or your in agony from blue balls. If it hurts, moan a bit. Some dommes train their subs not to make a peep when they are in pain or agony.

Mind you, none of these training techniques that are programmed into these subs discredits the abilities and superiority of their methods they used. I just merely have different desires.
If you are an experienced sub then go to your new Mistress with an open mind and listen to her attentively. We all do not like the same things. Just like not every sub is not into the same thing.

If you wish to cum when you call me you better let me know. I am very big on tease and denial. You will learn that from reading my blog. Oh wait, you are reading it now if you are reading this. Well, by all means, read some more my obsessive slave.