Mistress Cassandra and I will be hosting Monday Night Chastity Hell Chat starting on February 12th. That’s right cock slaves, cross your legs and cover them for now because starting on the 12th every Monday we will be teaming up together for double the cock cage fun. So far while talking to her about this week, her and I have clicked very well on our styles. We are not the same but we compliment each other very well. We are going to play Bad Cop, Bad Cop! So, kiss your ass good bye and say cheese boys. It belongs to us now. I truly invite all of you who are into Chastity or just curious to the event. It will be lots of fun. We will be running a 2 Mistress Chastity Hell Call Special for $3.00 a minute. We will be focused on Chastity and the Humiliation that goes along with it. Remember the last time you came, because it will probably never happen again once you are in our clutches. I am so excited about working with MsCassandra though.