I have switched schedules.  I will be working nights now.  I do not know if it is permanent or temporary yet.  So, if you are a regular pet of mine then try to reach me at night hun.  I will usually be on around 11pm thru 6am EST.  I will be taking Tuesdays off now.  If you wish to see my schedule just take a peek at the cock control forum.  I will be updating it soon.

I would also like to add my excitement about the dolly contest at sissy school.  Believe it or not the dolly contest was mine.  I had found a site to make your own dollies online.  I thought that was the cutest thing.  I wondered what it would be like for all of you to dress up your dollies for us in a contest.  Next thing you know all of us Mistresses brain stormed together and made it a reality.  The final date of the contest is on February 16th.  Please visit the girlie boards for further details.

Hopefully I will have sometime to work on some new audios.  I love doing them.  I have been getting more and more audio requests with every new one that comes out.  I guess I am becoming very popular.

Here are the projects I will be working on this week for audios that you can keep your eye out for.  I will be doing a continuation of the Jack Off Show.  I want to make that a weekly audio series.  I will have feminization audio as well.  I love doing guided masturbation and tease audios so I can guarantee one will be popping up really soon.

Please say hello to all of our new additions to LDW.  They are experienced and great at what they do.   Change is a good thing believe it or not.

Teasing you always,

Mistress Sarah