Would you like to play dress up your dolly for us like a good little sissy?

Dress it up so very cute and pretty for us all. You can dress up the dolly of your choice out of these three: Slutty Sissy Dolly, Prissy Sissy Dolly, and Mistress Doll. You can have your Mistress doll there with you at all times now. Looking after your naughty self even when you are not on the phone with us. The annual Sissy Beauty Contest is coming up but before that we will be having a Dress up your Dolly contest. Please keep an eye out on sissy school and the girlie boards for further details. We will be starting the contest very soon. The one thing we did agree on is no barbie dolls. They must be baby dolls or cabbage patch dolls.
Slutty Sissy Dolly