I have become a very popular and difficult Mistress to get a hold of in the past few months.  There are many things you can do if you wish to speak with your favorite Mistress and know it will be a busy night.  I guarantee that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights are always busy.  Email your Mistress and ask for an appointment for the busy nights if that is when you wish to call.  There are times that I can go 1 hour to 3 hours without one single call then I have 20 of you trying to call me at once.

It is a commonality in the Phone Sex business.  So, I try to keep my blog updated so that each of you know my schedule and plans to help us communicate better.  Even if you are a reader who will never call, a client of mine, or a client who will never call me but loyal to another Mistress I try to ensure great customer relations.  Many of you wonder why I take so much of my free time on clients who may or may not call.

Do you know how many calls I have gotten just from reading my blog?  Do you know how many callers I have gotten from my free audios.  We will have a members only section for special audios that is going to be expanded upon quite a bit.  I see a lot of wankers putting up 2 to 3 requests a week for scripts they want Mistresses to do.

How many of you men have called a Phone Sex Mistress who just started to yell?  How many just went right into sex when you don’t want to?  How many of you want to talk to us and really explore the desires of the woman you talk to?

Out of all the Mistresses in the company I work for I will mention I really relate to and respect the most.  I respect them all but have not had the chance to get to know some as much.   Chemistry is a big part.  My style is different than some and vice versa.  Here are some of the Mistresses I have done calls with.  I did a three Mistress call with MsTori, MsMandy, and myself.  It was one of the best calls I have ever had.  We had so much fun.  Tori is the sweet story teller who keeps you hanging onto her every word.  Mandy is the sexy vixen who makes a man needs a bunch of towels to wipe up the drool and the cream coming out of his cock non stop.  Believe it or not I have not done many multi Mistress calls since I started working for cock control.

Out of all the Mistresses though I think the ones I really look forward to doing a call with the most lately is Ms Maddy, Ms Eva, and Princess Grace.  Maddy because she is a Humiliation Goddess like myself.  Ms Eva because her and I have clicked ever since she started.  Ms Grace because I just adore her style.

One of our newest Mistresses to the company is a star who never needed to rise because she is already up there.  That is Ms Julia.  I took a peek at her blog today and have to say her style kicks ass.  You boys, do not be fooled by her sweet, good looks.  She is very intelligent.  I look forward to getting to know her in chat.

I do not want one single Mistress to feel left out if I didn’t mention you.

If you want a soft sensual domme then I can do that.  I tend to do more hard core domination because of my experience and style.  It is nice to sway from the normal all the time.  I can be quite the story teller believe it or not.

I may be a hard domme but am very sweet.  I believe in balance.  I am very soft and sensual.  I know that showing my softer side does not make me weak.  I will bust your balls when needed and not give it a second thought.   I get a sick and twisted delight in keeping men horny with very little release.  The hornier you are for me the more power I feel.  It is an addiction I can not get over.  I am obsessed with male masturbation.

That is all for now.

Teasing you always,

Mistress Sarah