I want to share with you why I enjoy guided masturbation so much.  I seem to come off like a hard ass at times but that is not all there is to me.  I am obsessed with male masturbation therefor love guiding even better.  It gives me a way to really be there for you.  When I guide you, your hands are mine, and you are doing it the way I would be teasing you.

I do love sex so do not get me wrong.  I how ever am a habitual masturbator as well.  I will be honest and say that I do not always masturbate when I am on the phone.  I talk to thousands of men and will not lie to you about that.

The same obsession you feel towards us women perhaps is a good reference that can explain my obsession for men.  My obsession does not give me the urge to submit to men though.  My obsession drives me to control men.  Most of my control is as subtle as taking charge of the situation.  I am not always a Mistress you know.  I am woman first and fore most.

I grew up in a very open minded environment.  I have a grand father who is a cross dresser.  I have a mother who told me that masturbation is great.  My mind was opened up to some western ideals and the use of energy in our bodies.  I got an early start understanding that we are sexual creatures.

I would never come up with some of these guided masturbation techniques if it was not for listening to men.  I read a lot but mostly listen to you, my callers being mostly men.  I also bring to life my personal experiences.

I will admit that I am at a loss for words sometimes.  I have been a Mistress for so many years and have only done Phone Domination since September.  It is hard to come up with new, fresh material, and keep my readers interested in what I have to say.

I am a people person.  I can read a person fairly well by observing body language, tons of the voice, and many other key factors.  Since my journey into the world of Phone Sex 2 years ago, I had to relearn everything.

My life as a Mistress has never been full time until I started to do Phone Domination.  I do it here and there and have some close friends I experience this lifestyle with.  I am also bisexual and have delved into the world as a swinger more than domination.

I grew up in a family of strong women who take charge.  I, how ever have achieved independence in a form that none of them could achieve.  I, am a free spirit.  I admit to my weaknesses and strengths.

I may be a people person, but let’s face the fact that most people are just damned annoying as fuck.  Sometimes, something a client does or says really changes a perspective in my mind.  I have to take a look at myself.  I learn something new about myself through these experiences.  Do not ever think that your purpose as a slave does not effect me either.  You will how ever know that I will never meet you.  You may love me but it will never go further than a phone conversation.

I respect not every man’s wish for tease and denial.  My job allows me an outlet to my darker nature.  I have such a sick and twisted mind.  I have been told I am brilliant and sadistic.   No matter what your desire your mind is new territory for me to explore.  Your cock is a new toy for me to play with.  I love to line men up and treat you like pieces of meat for my amusement.  Men have been putting women on public display to satisfy their horny desires.  Well boys, you have met your match.  Sarah is the new boss in town.  Get in line boys for me to look you over.