Last Thursday I had one of my favorite callers. He loves to have his cock locked up. He has even experienced a Mistress holding his key for him. He says that I am very intense and is taking him sometime to work up the nerve. However, he private messages me about 2 hours ago. He asked me where have I been. He lives in London and has almost died. He is still waiting on my permission to take his dick out of it’s little cage.

See, he has an 8 inch dick and was foolish enough to buy the CB2000 instead of the CB3000. It is extremely tight. On Thursday he had a hot long session listening to me pleasure myself. I made him so horny he was screaming that he needed to take it off.

I moaned in a sweet voice telling him how much I love his cock locked up nice and tight.

I love the way a man wants me more when he can not get relief. The thought of that cage around your dick leaves me very pleasured and tingling. I love power! I want more power!

He gasped as I told him he may release today but will have to lock it back up again but for 7 days this time.

Maybe if he sends me his keys I will not wear it on a key ring but wear it on some very nice piercings. Every time I move you will hear the keys jingling from inside my bra.

Ha ha ha! I know you are a fan of my blog so this hot, sexy, and sweaty tease and denial was for you my pet. Your cock belongs to me. Enjoy masturbating today because you may not be able to tomorrow.

He should have fun though. I told him he was allowed to do the hot and cold guided masturbation technique today during his release.