You rush home work because I called you during lunch to tell you I had a special surprise for you. You do not know what it is yet but can not wait. You opened up to me about your cross dressing and cross gendered desires a few months ago. You can not believe how much you have progressed with my guidance these last few months versus the years you did so on your own with no guidance from a woman.
You arrive home quickly and can not find me. Then you hear me call to you from the bedroom, “Come back into the bedroom I have a big surprise for you lover. Oh please lay on the bed for me. Please get undressed first because I have something special for you to put on. Let’s get you all dressed up in this sexy satin panties and bra. I have a nice little slutty outfit just for you to wear for me.”
Everyday you see me I become more and more beautiful to you. I am wearing a very sexy black lacy corset, black satin panties with lacy trim, black thigh stockings attached to a very sexy black lacy garter belt, 6 inch black high heels with open toe, freshly panted red finger and toe nails, delicious red lipstick. Your heart could not stop racing at how absolutely beautiful I looked.
As I helped you get ready I informed you, “I got all dressed up just for you sexy. I have a special surprise for you for pleasing me so far. Give me a kiss and taste my sweet lips. I put on cherry flavored lip gloss just for you to taste.”
As I get you all dressed up, I finally lay you on the bed. I tie you up good and tight. I bind your hands to the head board first. I then bind your legs spread eagle by the foot board.
I look at you with an evil smile and say, “What are you going to do now lover? I think I have you tied up like a pet. Yes, You are my pet.”
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