I will tell you about my day off today.  It is cold as heck here in Indiana.  I had to go to the laundrymat.  I think you old perverts hang out there all day watching us women do our laundry.  I swear there is the same old man there in his 70’s.  I never see him do his laundry.  He just sits there staring the whole time.  He is there when ever I am.  I go different times and different days.  He is always there before me and still there when I leave.

The owner said he does not work there.  I love holding up my panties as his mouth waters.  I am such a tease.  He is an ugly sucker too.

I went out and ran some errands today.  It was a good 30 minutes drive into town on the highway.  I got very horny.  I could not help myself I guess.  I have done this before.  I just reach down and masturbate while I am driving.

How many of you do this.  Us women have an advantage though.  I can do it over my pants.  I never have to get naked to get a quick orgasm or two.

Why do you think I understand you naughty masturbaters so much?  I am one too.  The only difference is that I am far superior to you.  I am also much sexier.