You wish to serve your mistress. How can you be a better bottom serving your master? First think of the reasons why you chose a life as a bottom. Are you a top who likes to switch? Have you always been subservient? Is this a new interest you wish to explore? Along with a commitment of your trust and will you must be nothing but truthful.

The worst thing to be told to me by a slave is, “I will do anything!”

“Anything” is “everything” in my book and can guarantee this is a very big annoyance to all masters and mistresses. You must express your desires and limits. Communication is the number one reason why a bdsm experience goes bad is lack of communication.

I speak from personal experience when I say that constant feed back is very important. I want to hear your moans, words, squeals, and heavy breathing. If you are not talking then I do not know whether you are enjoying it or not. I do not benefit, enjoy, or waste time if I do not hear that feed back.

You must remember that your mistress is controlling you. I do not benefit from this control if I do not hear your feedback.

If a session has crossed the line then use a safe word. Try to suggest a safe word to your Mistress. It can help you both to ensure ultimate enjoyment with a great safety net devise.

A safety word can also be used for the Mistress. I always stop and talk about what it is that is going on that I am uncomfortable with the situation.

A lot of the devices and methods we use on bottoms we have experimented with on ourselves as well as in our personal life. I am a top who switches once and awhile so I can experience these toys and methods I use on my pets first hand.

Not all mistresses switch, so do not assume that we all do. A mistress who does not switch does not make her any less grand. We each have different methods and fetishes.

One of my most important factors I wish to state is never put your life or health in danger through the pleasure and exploration of bdsm.

If you are whipped and some blood taints that object used to scold you. A wise Mistress will only use that device on you.

If you are asked to do something that you do not wish to do, may endanger your health or life by your mistress and you sill do it then it is the fault of both you and your mistress. Did you tell her your limits? In most cases not crossing the line can be prevented by communication. However no self respecting domme will ever arrogantly make you do an act that is so reckless and malicious. I know I speak for all of us. If you go through this act then that makes you a total fool.

Explore yourself as much as possible. Constantly try to find new heights and limits if allowed to, please do it on your own. It will be a rewarding experience when you know yourself so well and can convey this to me.

When I research these informative pieces I acquire information from interviews, life experience, reading, and from my sessions with you all.

Here is to a better submissive journey for you all! May you serve your mistress well!

Written by:

Mistress Sarah