Here is a little secret about me that I probably should not tell you but I am going to do it anyway.   I have been asked to do a lot of hypnosis audios lately.   I think everything comes in such abundance.  I have been working for since September of 2006.  I have gone months without one single call asking for hypnosis.  It did start to pick up back in December with the different types of callers.

I am getting more and more regular clients who love hypnosis for coerce d feminization and some other things.

My mother was a hippy.  You heard me, she was a hippy.  She was into yoga and studied Buddhism for years when I was younger.  I used to chant with her, do yoga, and meditate daily.  I never did get or enjoy doing yoga very much.  However I have continued to meditate everday starting in my youth.  So, I have been meditating for 27 years.

I started to read Psychology and Phylosophy College text books during my Middle School years.  Younger levels were not good enough for me.  I stopped this avid study a few years after graduation.  However I am always reading something or self reflecting on myself.

I believe Einstein had it right when he said that man kind may one day evolve to a state where we do not need our bodies.

My point is I had a very early start to a higher education in understanding the way a person’s mind works.  I understand sexuality.  I think we should be happy with our fantasies and explore them a lot more than most people do.

Everyone needs a healthy release of their darker urges.  If we do not then you get stress and vented up like a caged animal.

My other point is that through submission you are in fact setting yourself free.  The chains around your body will never truly hold you down.  The chains on your mind limits you and does more harm.