Today has been a very busy day. I saw this picture and thought it was so cute. I love animals so much. I live in an apartment right now and can not have pets.

Don’t you feel like that sometimes? Hanging by a limb saying, “Whoa!”

Today has been a busy day. I suggest if you wish to do a call and I keep staying busy just try to make an appointment. I have been busy, busy, busy today.

I am interviewing in the order I receive the interest to do so. You do not have to be a client of mine. Clients may get first priority in some cases. I pay special attention to my pets. I do want to do interviews with everyone interested. You do not ever have pressure to call from me or Cock Control Our Madam Ally runs a damned good company.

Mistress Sarah says Vote for us at Cock Control by>>>Clicking Here!

I will be taking calls till 10pm EST tonight. I may stay later. It depends on my mood.

Everyone Have a Great Weekend!