A lot of you wonder why and how us ladies at https://www.cockcontrol.com/ become so creative. Did you know that our greatest advisors are men just like you. There are sites and forums all over the internet dedicated to the art of masturbation. Here is a great masturbation technique I would love all of you to try until you get it right. Now, unzip your pants, whip out your loaded pistols, and try this hot cock stroking method boys.

This is called the “Oral Lip Imitation”
LUBRICATION = Yes, Required
DIFFICULTY = Takes Practice, Advanced

This technique is the closest you can get to oral sex while masturbating. It will take some practice and time, but if you like the feeling of lips, it is great. Use the index and middle fingers on one hand to make the lips, then push the penis between the index and middle fingers with the other hand. I want you to practice this technique for 1 hour everyday. You are to do this stroke for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. You are not allowed to cum till the third day of the technique. If you start this on Monday, you can not cum until Thursday. Have a ball and have masturbation fun.

I thank AdvancedMasturbation for this wonderful knowledge base on the art of masturbation.

Happy Stroking to everyone,

Mistress Sarah