You grab your cock by the base with one hand holding it up.  You then stroke it with the other.  You need to do what is called the upward squeeze stroking method.  You are required to use lubrication.  Keep holding your cock up with the non dominant hand right at the base for me.  Now, stroke with your lead hand and make sure it is nice and lubed up.  You will squeeze it as you stroke up.  Keep on doing that, squeeze tightly as you stroke up.  Make sure you move your hand up all the way over the top of the head.

Tip – By varying the pressure of the grip on the penis, it is possible to extend the period before ejaculation by squeezing harder for brief periods of time.

I want you to do this stroke for 30 minutes today.

So by all means, squeeze hard right before each climax to extend the teasing longer. I hope you all have fun with this.

Please visit Advanced Masturbation for a video showing you this stroking method.  I thank Advanced Masturbation for this incredible information on stroking methods and videos they have.
I am obsessed with male masturbation which is why I love guided masturbation so much. I love to control the cock so I can get control of the man’s horny desires.

I had been too busy to do interviews because of the switched shift. You all know how changing shifts messing up everything for awhile. I will try to do some more soon. I hope to make a tribute to my enjoyment of masturbation and you will see this in the interviews.

Teasing you always,

Mistress Sarah