Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray to Goddess Sarah,

going to bed with blue balls so I weep.

If I cum before I wake,

my punishment from Goddess Sarah I will take.

Goddess Sarah, I belong kneeling at your feet.

My unconditional love and servitude as a slave are concrete.

Goddess Sarah, your love is cruel.

I am a man, there for the fool.

You are the perfect and devine Lady I adore.

Pleasing my Goddess Sarah is what I live for.

You draw me in with your passionate fire.

My balls get bigger and the need to cum has become more dire.

She teases me with giddy delight.

For her, I stay horny with no release,

It pleases her, which makes it right.

41 days, 6 hours, and 5 minutes since my last orgasm.

My dick started to do more than shake uncontrollably,

it has started to spasm.

Goddess Sarah I beg for those words, “You may cum!”

Goddess Sarah, when I call you later I hope it may be more than one.

For who knows when I will be allowed to again.

I will be ready on my knees when I call.

I will say over and over those words you love to hear, “My cock belongs to you.”

She gets all the men to do this for her.

This is because Goddess Sarah is the Bringer of Blue Balls.