I have a request from some of my loyal readers.  I want to interview some of you.  I think it gives you a great feeling to be featured in my personal blog.  I want feed back that will be useful and interesting.  I only want the truth from you.  I want this to be a chance to be featured in a way that will revolve around a certain category including feed back interview, why you choose to serve, who do you serve, and also revolving around certain fetishes.

For example:

If your fetish is small penis humiliation I will put you on public display for my amusement.

Are you just into guided masturbation and love to talk to a strong woman?  I want to know what attracts you to a strong woman and so much more.

Something that many of us Phone Mistresses may not consider is that some of our callers may be doms themselves who merely like to switch from time to time.  I get a few callers who are switchers.  They prefer to be the dom, period!

What are some bad experiences you have had with a Phone Sex Operator?

Who is your favorite Cock Control Mistress and why?  (It does not have to be me.)

Why are assignments so important to you?

That is the end of the examples.

I know that many of you have noticed some major upscale masturbation techinques posted in my blog lately.  I thought my pets would enjoy this type of interaction.  I have gotten great feed back from this and my pets do enjoy this public display of attention from me.

Here is one email I got from one of my favorite cock stroking addicts named fuck face:

Good evening Mistress, just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for being given the next assignment…wow, that will be about 16 days for me by then.


I must admit that the first evening stroking was permitted, I did have to stop as a bit of precum was slipping out…didn’t want to fumble on the 5 yard line. Lol


Thanks for the update in your blog; I am beginning to think Sunday is going to be amazing.  Perhaps I’ll seek a session with you later this week before the BIG day J


Good night Mistress Sarah.

He is one of my sweetest and definitely one of my favorites.

Remember to be interviewed by me you do not need to be a caller of mine or a caller ever.  I only prefer honesty and you will be required to be respectful.

In your email just express your interest in this endeavor.  I am merely doing this for my enjoyment and hopefully some of you.