What is your favorite body part on a woman? Every man has certain favorite parts to oggle, admire, touch, lick, grope, caress, cuck, bite, kiss, and fuck. I have a great body. I love and know how to show it off. I am so fond of my corsets and leather thongs. It depends on my mood as to whether I wear boots or heels.

Today I want to talk about corsets though in particular. I love to wear them and what it does to you men to see me in them. It accentuates a hour glass figure. The corset is so tight and constricting. It makes my delectable breasts look even better. There is a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. Mine are perfect. I have some that come below the breasts so they hang over and stick out. My nipples are pierced and very sensitive. I want you to worship my breasts my pet. Worship my perfect breasts.

Mistress Sarah is signing off for the evening. I will be taking calls Monday during the day from 8:30am till 4:30pm. I thank all of you that called me tonight. I had a blast for New Years.

Happy New Years and Take care.

“Remember, I bite first.”