Okay, right when I think I have seen or heard it all I ran across something I really had to share with all of you. I think the people who thought of this and host these events are absolutely brilliant. I truly give them a wonderful accommodation for the level of integrity they have gone through to educate the enjoyment of self pleasure. The Masturbate-a-thon was invented at Good Vibrations as a private charity and conscious awareness, part of National Masturbation Month. They are trying to educate people on safe sex and the enjoyment of self pleasure. This ingenious brainstorm started in 1995 and only a few years later they started to host live events annually.

Thus the Masturbate-a-thon was born. It is amazing the way they host this event. They educate the public. Only 18 and over are allowed to attend. People go there and will masturbate openly in front of each other. You are allowed to help a partner only with their consent. No intercourse is permitted on the premises.

It seems to be a free (Free as in wild, not free as in no charge to get in.) atmosphere that has taken off all over the world. Annual events are hosted all over the country. For the first time back in 2,006 they had an International Masturbate-a-thon in London, England.

There are also “Masturbate your way to freedom” annual events in Seattle for the last five years hosted by Darklady who has gotten rave reviews.

Darklady’s Masturbate-a-thon inspiring others to Masturbate your way to freedom!

Here is a short video hosted by thisisaknife on YouTube that shows you the 2006 Annual Masturbate-a-thon in London. I cracked up and thought this was cool when I found it.