My creative guided masturbation assignment for today is I want to do what is called Pillow Humping.  You strokers are to do a hands off approach to stroking today.  Make sure you have a clock near by to time yourself on this one.  You will take two pillows.  Place them both on your bed one on top of the other.  Now, slide your cock in between the two pillows.  Then, prop yourself up on your arms and being to pump.  I order you to think of the hottest fuck you have ever had.  When you hump you will think of that hot fuck. Think of how good to slide your cock into her pussy.  First, you will pump slowly for 7 minutes.  Second, you will pump as fast as you can for 2 minutes.  Third, you will pump slowly for 7 more.  You are not allowed to cum yet.  Fourth, pump fast as you can for 1 minute.  Fifth, pump slowly for 3 minutes.  If you have lasted this long without cumming then I commend you for a job very well done.  Would you like to keep on going?  Sixth, pump fast for 1 minute.  Seventh, pump slow for 3 minutes.  Eighth, pump fast for 1 minute.  You are now allowed to cum only in this one minute time frame.  If that one minute is up you are no longer allowed to cum and will have to wait.  If you succeeded then, very good job.  If you failed, then better luck next time.

The goal of this assignment is to be allowed to cum eventually after a long period of time.  I want to train you to only cum on my command.  I am training you.  Did it work?