Lube up your dominant hand it is guided masturbation, tease and denial time! Lube up that dominant hand. Now, grab your cock with your other hand down by the base. I want it pointing up at your face. Now, rub the head with your dominant hand with just the palm. Rub it in a circular motion. I want you to do this for 10 minutes without cumming. You heard me, “I said orgasm denial!”

Now that your 10 minutes are up. I have another guided masturbation technique I wish for you to do. I want you to watch the nastiest, hottest, and wildest porn you have in your collection. I want you to watch the entire thing and stroke your dick normal style up and down without touching the head. You are not allowed to touch the head. You are only allowed to stop if you need to gain your composure. Once you gain your composure keep on stroking. I want to know how many times you can watch that porn or for how lg you can without cumming.

It is orgasm denial day. Maybe I will let you cum tomorrow. I might release you from that after a long teasing session on the phone. That is up to me boys. Truly, I love keeping you all horny.

I hope you all enjoyed that guided masturbation assignment for the day.

Spank you all very much,

Mistress Sarah

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