Are you a bad boy?  Do you want me to put you over my knee and spank you?

I will pull down those undies.  I will treat you like my play thing.  I will violate you in such naughty ways.  Rub that ass and spank it till it’s good and hard.   You know why you are getting this spanking don’t you? 

You are a naughty pervert.  I caught you peeking at my pictures and touching yourself.  Do you think of me when you touch that cock of yours.  It is time you had a taste of my cockcontrol. 

I want you to slap your balls back and forth while you stroke your cock really fast.  I want you to edge till you are close to coming then stop.  That is right.  See how high you can count without cumming?  Can you count when you are horny?  I am sure you can. 

Start slapping, Start stroking faster, faster.  That is right keep on going. 

Now stop stroking and slapping.  How was that?  Was it absolute torture for you.  I bet you want to cum so bad don’t you? 

Naughty boys who listen to my audios and look at my pictures day in day out need lots of spankings and cockcontrol.