Thank you to everyone who visited our chat rooms and called the Mistresses during the Marathon.  I had a great time.  I loved it being two days and got a lot more calls with it spread out.  I had so much fun with each and everyone of you. 

Tonight in the chat room we played some stroking games, inspections, Mistress says, and I also posted pictures up in my blog for chatters to kiss and lick on the screen.  You are all good sports. 

For the longest time it was MsTia, MsNicole, MsTara, MsLilith and myself in the chat room.  MsTia started to play Mistress says with the pets.  It was so delightful.  I had fun with all of the Mistresses today.  This gives me a chance to meet every last one of you ladies and really appreciate your style. 

MsDallas came in later observing and adding her witty charm to the room during the end hours of the marathon.  Our beautiful MsAlana came up with Ass Worship game.  She is delightfully sadistic which I enjoyed. 

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