I tried to go to sleep this Christmas Eve Night.

It was obvious I wasn’t going to sleep without a fight.

I tossed and turned in my bed.

I even tried to count sheep in my head.

No matter what I tried my eyes lids were still feeling light.

Eventually I drifted off to a sweet dream land of delight.

I found myself in the male barracks during boot camp.

I was their Drill Instructor.

My fellow Drill Instructors blew their whistles as I walked onto the floor.

“You boys line up now for inspection!”

The first dick I came accross was small like a little pea.

I had to put on my reading glasses and look really close just to see.

Ahh there it is, and I grabbed really hard.

Does it ever get any bigger than this? I guess not.

I laughed so hard I almost died. Then this private had tears coming down his eyes.

Peewee Private is your rank and you will train to be a Certifiable Amusement Pig to satisfy and entertain all Mistresses. Your pain will be for our amusement and pleasure.

I moved down the line because I am bored with the little dick that is just a fraction bigger than a hair. Look at the Bitch cry, like I fucking care.

I walk in front of the next private stroker. I immediately notice that camoflauge pants are still on.

“Soldier, the proper uniform for this inspection is your birthday suit you dumb ass. Now, drop your fucking pants. Show me your goods now, Private!”

He dropped his drawers and guess what I saw.

I laughed my ass off and remarked, “We have ourselves a bonified, full blown sissy. Nice pink panties you little whore. Sissy, do not take off your panties and stockings. Sissies need to stay properly dressed until I tell you otherwise.”

“Pull down your panties a bit and show me your nice package I see bulging in those satin panties. Oh, my sissy looks like a nice 7 inch clit for us to play with and tease. Good sissy now pull your panties back up. That’s right.”

I spanked your ass and led you in front of the formation. I put a nice pretty collar around your neck and led you are on a leash. All of the Mistresses saw you standing there for display. You were being paraded around in front of them by me. Your clit in your panties was so hard.

Your panties getting so wet and thinking about how far will Mistress take it.

Your knees go weak and start to shake.

Please kneel my pet! I don’t want you to fall on your face. This little sissy will not make it if he stays on his feet.

I was playing with you like my personal toy in front of the whole formation of your peers.

Lots of licking and kisses were ordered and we made you please us all.

Let’s face it slut, we are all having a ball.

Your peers eyes were gazing at the delightful display of authority of the Domineering Ladies surrounding you all.

I ordered you to get back in formation. You were begging for me to let you cum but no release from your torture still.

The next private stroker slut was a nice little surprise with a dick in a cage with a Mistress holding the key. She jingled them so he could hear that beautiful silver chain rattling his key. He shifted and tried to get more comfortable because he was now the center of all the Mistresses attention.

Your cock trying to get hard but not allowed to be delighted or pleased at this time.

I took my friend the fellow Mistress so sexy and fair, and gave her a hot wet kiss with my tongue and could taste her sweetness in my mouth.

We both glanced back at you as we released each other from our sweet embrace. Dominating these bitches makes me very horny indeed.

I ordered this cock caged private stroker on his hands and knees.

“I am going to ride you like a pony you fucking whore. Now, get going. That’s a good boy! I want you to carry me on your back all around the formation.”

Each Mistress took turns riding this cock caged private stroker like the good little pony bitch he was. We laughed and chuckled with glee.

You all want to know what will happen next? Then too fucking bad my pets.

All of you have a Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoyed my Mistress Christmas Party.

I do so love to inspect my private strokers!